Salaries and Wages for Chemical Engineers in Canada

Chemical engineers in Canada hold different positions and are responsible for developing and designing equipment for chemical facilities. They are also tasked with monitoring the daily tasks, operations, and activities at food, pulp, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical plants.


Employers usually require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in chemical engineering for positions such as refinery, pulp and paper, project, process control, industrial waste treatment, and biochemical engineers. Given the cost of education, many students resort to credit and car loans while still in college.


Chemical engineers are generally responsible for monitoring different performance indicators, preparing training manuals, instructions, and work methods, and monitoring activities and implementing rules. They are also tasked with optimizing processes and beakersidentifying strategies for further progress. In addition, chemical engineers are usually responsible for developing and implementing appropriate tools, technologies, and methodology, including ergonomics, work methods, cycle optimization, and process diagnosis. College grads hold positions across industries and often work as polymer, petrochemical, industrial hygiene, and biotechnological engineers. They also work as liquid fuels, biotechnical, and adhesives engineers. Some professionals even hold positions at institutions of higher education and work as college teachers and university professors.

Salaries and Wages

Obviously, salaries vary from region to region and from one employer to another. Statistics show that the annual median salary in the sector is $65,136 CAD. The pay varies from about $44,000 to over $101,000 CAD, and there are profit sharing opportunities and bonuses. Salaries and income level vary based on work experience, skills, sector, and educational level. Entry level engineers with work experience of 0 to 5 years make no more than $60,000 CAD while engineers with work experience of 10 – 20 years earn about $85,000 CAD. Employees with over 20 years of experience often make close to $100,000. While salaries vary, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for chemical engineers, and small and large companies are looking forward to hiring new college grads.

Cities such as Vancouver, for example, offer tons of work opportunities and high starting salaries for design, industrial, chemical, and mechanical engineers. It is not only British Columbia that offers exciting opportunities. Employers operating in other provinces and territories also offer competitive salaries for similar positions. The cities with the highest median salary for chemical engineers include Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, and Calgary.